Club Corners Wash Service

Exterior wash only

supreme pack-1
ultmate pack-2

Full Wash Service

Exterior & Interior Wash


Unlimited Wash Plan

Exterior & Full Wash

Exterior Wash only


Full Service Wash Plan (Inside + Outside)


Additional Charges

For Larger Vehicles

With the best in car wash eqipment, our car wash process will not harm properly maintained vehicles. However, we cannot be responsible for the following: loose chrome or body side molding, antennas not lowered or removed, windows left down, chips or cracks in the windshields that expand, non-factory equipment or valuables left in the car.

icon    Giving Back

Our commitment to our communities goes beyond just providing carwash services. We participate in donations and fundraisers of local and nonprofit organizations. We believe in supporting our neighborhoods and communities every way we can.
We partnered with city and local schools to find a way to give back to our communities.

icon_2-1    Rain Wash

Free Rain wash for Full Service Only(72 Hours).
Rain wash only included Exterior Basic wash with Drive Through.


Only applies to full service customer Every 11th wash will be discounted $28.00

Detail Service

* Up charges for larger or extra dirty vehicles.

1 Service only $ 79.95 Choose 1 Service
Large Cars : $89.95
2 Service only $ 129.95 Choose 2 Services
Large Cars : $149.95
3 Service only $ 179.95 Choose 3 Services
Large Cars : $209.95
ALL SERVICE $ 229.95 Choose All Services
Large Cars : $269.95

Express Wax

✦ Supreme Wash
✦ Way applied with low speed buffer
✦ Deep cleans clear coat finish
✦ Helps prevent Oxidation
✦ Delivers Durable shine and protection

Pro-wax Marie-wax

✦ $20 up charge
✦ $40 up charge

Express Super Interior

✦ Supreme wash
✦ Compressed Air used to clean all vents and crevies
✦ Detail clean all doors, dash and console area
✦ Seats wipe down and conditioned
✦ Apply protective conditioner to all interior vinyl and leather trim

Express upholstery

✦ Supreme wash
✦ Steam shampoo to deep clean and sanitize upholstered seats
✦ Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned to leave leather soft and supple

Express Carpets

✦ Supreme wash
✦ Steam shampoo clean and sanitize carpet and mats
✦ Removes most spot and stains
✦ Leaves interior smelling clean and fresh

Full Exterior Detail Service

* Up charges for larger or extra dirty vehicles.

2 STEP $ 149.99 Includes
✦ Supreme wash
✦ Clay bar
✦ Orbital wax
3 Step $ 199.99 Includes
✦ Supreme wash
✦ High speed buff
✦ Polish
✦ Orbital Wax
4 Step $ 299.99 Includes
✦ Supreme wash
✦ Clay bar
✦ High speed buff ✦ Polish
✦ Orbital Wax

Full Interior Detail Service

Includes Top Wash Package $179.99

✦ Seat, Carpet and Mat Shampooed
✦ All Leather and Vinyl cleaned conditioned
✦ Crack crevis and vents blown out with Compressed air and cleaned.
✦ All Window and Door jams cleaned.
✦ Trunk vacuumed Air fresher applied by request.

In & Out Full Detail Service

* Up charges for larger or extra dirty vehicles.

Mini Detail $ 229.99 Includes
✦ Full Interior Detail Plus All exterior mold dressed, all tires dressed and a Orbital wax
Complete Detail $ 349.99 Includes
✦ Full Interior Detail Plus Exterior 3 Step
Ultimate Detail $ 449.99 Includes
✦ Full Interior Detail Plus Exterior 4 Step

Head Light Restoration

8 Step process of sanding exterior layer and polish restoration

$ 69.99/ per Light